Job Match Coordination

Welcome to the Manufacturing Job Match activation form. This form collects data that will generate a portal containing details and application links specific to your event.

About the Job Match Program

The Manufacturing Job Match is designed to link "pre-screened" job seekers to manufacturing companies with current openings.

A Job Match Event needs a "coordinator" who will activate the process through a form on this website. Once the form is submitted, an online portal is established on any website that the coordinator identifies. The portal contains links to the job seeker and manufacturer applications that collect the same sets of job information. The online application can determine percentage of "match" between both parties for a particular job or job group. Once preliminary matches have been made, job seekers are sent screening questions related to the job opening. If the correct answers are entered by the job seekers they are invited in for an interview.

Support services like resume writing and interviewing skills specific to manufacturing can be offered by the Job Match coordinator and/or other involved parties prior to the Job Match event.

The end result is a speed interview event allowing employers and job seekers 10 minutes to introduce each other, ask a few questions, and set up subsequent interviews for employment if potential for a match exists.

The Job Match Event usually lasts between 2-4 hours.

Are You Interested in Coordinating a Job Match?

The following steps are recommended:

  • Read through the Job Match Implementation Manual.
  • Involve your regional Workforce Investment Board
  • If you are the Job Match Coordinator and wish to begin a new job match, select New Job Match button below
  • If you are a Job Match Coordinator and you wish to review current and previous job matches, select the Dashboard button below